David Britton

‘The work that I do, mainly East Anglian landscape (though with excursions into other parts of Britain and to some hot, dry landscapes abroad), seems to go in a cyclical pattern, from the solid smaller pieces using strong colour, to the large and sometimes very large, in which it is the sensation of space itself that draws me. ~ ‘These large empty spaces, and the light for which East Anglia is renowned, sometimes give me a strong sense of the infinite, the mystical. When I have finished one or two of these, I find I am drawn back again to the near-at-hand. It is as though the sense of vivid colour is re-born out of its very negation. I go from void to solid and back to void, as the rhythm of my life dictates. I do not produce the large-space paintings to order, or to any formula, or in any way mechanically – but when they happen.’ David lives and works on Mersea Island.

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